How Push-to-Talk Radios Help with Social Distancing

COVID-19 is forcing businesses across the country and around the world to operate in different ways. One of the new mantras businesses must embrace is that of social distancing. It has proven to be quite challenging for some businesses, but push-to-talk radios can help most businesses enact more efficient social distancing practices. These are just a few of the ways it can help.

Limit Face-to-Face Interactions Amongst Employees

Management doesn’t necessarily require a steady stream of employees in one small office to keep things running efficiently. Nor do you need gaggles of employees lining up at the time clock before shifts begin. Use push-to-talk radios to help facilitate timekeeping for employees that doesn’t require them to clock in the traditional way and instead has a designated staff member “clocking” them in as they pick up their radios to begin their shifts.

Keep Track of Employees Working from Home

You don’t have to be in the same building for push-to-talk radios to work effectively to communicate with your employees. Whether they are working in the office or working at home, you can provide them with dedicated radios for work use so you can communicate instantly and effectively with your employees throughout the workday. No more worries about dropped calls, signal loss, etc.

Communicate Discreetly with Management Without Leaving Your Station

Because you can have private or public conversations via push-to-talk radio, employees can communicate with management without leaving their posts. This means employees have the option of informing management about potential problems with customers or staff or notifying management that they need to approvals, inventory is running low, or that the register needs cash. Add headsets and microphones into the mix for added discretion.

Doing this not only limits face-to-face interactions, but it also reduces the need for employees and management to work through other employee’s workstations to communicate certain needs with management.

Manage Guest of Visitor Entrances

For some businesses, there is a real need to limit the number of people coming into the building during certain “rush hours.” You can equip employees with two way radios to limit the number of people entering your establishment in order to maintain social distancing inside smaller spaces or to reinvent the idea of a “car hop” or even enhance your curbside delivery system.

While much uncertainty remains regarding COVID-19, one thing is certain, nearly every business in every industry can maintain improved social distancing by using push-to-talk two-way radios. Peak PTT can help you come up with the ideal push-to-talk solution for your business.