5 Ways Restaurants are Using Push-to-Talk Radios During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way many of us live our lives. As some states and businesses are beginning to re-open after months of being shutdown and people return to work, we are beginning to see just how much the landscape has changed. Social distancing is the new norm with personal space taking on a whole new meaning.

Restaurants, in particular, are working hard to ensure appropriate distance between employees and customers, reducing face-to-face interactions, and minimizing the risks of spreading COVID-19. These are five ways push-to-talk radios can help your restaurant as the pandemic continues.

  1. Streamlines the curbside and carryout process. You can offer contactless carryout with the use of push-to-talk radios that let your staff know which order to take to which vehicles. It allows you to make deliveries much faster and without placing customers or staff at risk.
  2. Communicate more effectively with management. Fears are high and while most people are just happy to be out and about again, there are times when things go wrong and customers are disagreeable. Staff members equipped with push-to-talk radios can consult management instantly to deescalate tense situations.
  3. Use QR codes to apply discounts, get orders, etc. Many modern push-to-talk devices are equipped with cameras and Wi-Fi enabled so you can use them to scan discount codes, QR codes, and even barcodes for orders in an instant. It helps to reduce the time your staff spend at cars and tables and can be instrumental in maintaining appropriate social distancing.
  4. Reduce management steps. By allowing the manager to be in constant contact with every member of the team, push-to-talk radios can reduce the number of steps managers need to take, prioritize management issues, and address various problems as they arise – often without leaving the food line, or wherever else you are needed at the moment.
  5. Resolve errors faster. Because push-to-talk radios enable instant communication, it is a simple matter to send messages about order errors, modifications, and other last-minute customer requests. This saves times, reduces incorrect food orders going home with customers (or to tables), and keeps food costs lower. Everyone wins!

Peak PTT understands the struggles restaurants, in particular, have experienced due to COVID-19 and various shutdowns and restrictions. Our communications solutions can help you do more with less so you can maximize productivity and profits – even during the pandemic. Contact us today to learn how we can help you manage your restaurant communication needs.

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