Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Snowplow Fleets

Snowplow drivers are on the roads in some of the most dangerous conditions imaginable. Your fleet does this to make the roads safe for other drivers in the aftermath of snow or ice storms. Push to talk two-way radios can help you keep your drivers (and others on the roads during these dangerous times) safer, improve efficiency, conserve fuel, and ensure that no major thoroughfares are overlooked when plowing this winter.

Check out just some of the ways push to talk radios are the ideal communications tools for snowplow fleets.

One-Touch Communication between Drivers and Dispatch

Whether receiving information from dispatch about route changes or worsening weather conditions or sending information about stranded drivers or even emergencies within your own snowplows, the ability to communicate with a single touch is a game-changer for drivers who are already facing dangerous winds, icy roads, and whiteout conditions.

Longer Range for Communication

CB radios, which have long been the gold standard for communication in these conditions offers an extremely limited range – only a few miles, while push to talk two-way radios offers a greatly extended range for communicating with drivers. This means you never need to worry about your snowplow drivers going out of range.

Sound Enhancing Capabilities

Push to talk digital two-way radios are equipped with sound-enhancing capabilities that diminish background noises like sleet hitting snowplows, scraping noises, wind, and other traffic and enhances the sound clarity of voice communications. This means messages go through as intended without becoming garbled or difficult to decipher.

Monitor Driver Locations at All Times

Snowplow drivers operate largely out of sight. Once upon a time fleet owners and managers had to trust that their drivers were on the right paths and plowing roads they were hired to plow (and not making money on the side by plowing other roads). With push to talk two-way radios you can track their locations throughout their shifts so that you know the roads you’ve been contracted to plow are receiving the attention they require and that drivers aren’t using your equipment, time, and fuel to line their pockets on the side.

Peak PTT understands the unique needs snowplow fleets face every time a winter event occurs. We have the tools to fuel your communication, improve safety, and keep your fleet operating at maximum efficiency.

Contact us today to learn about our impressive line of rugged, durable, water resistant push to talk two-way radios and how they can benefit your snowplow fleet.

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