Push-to-Talk Two Way Radios for Schools Save Footsteps, Time, and Potentially Lives

Two-way radios have been a necessary tool in ensuring safety in schools for decades. Not only do they help school administrators maintain clear communication throughout the school day, but they also allow for a fast response time in the case of any medical problem or safety issue.

Plus, in the case of more minor issues, they save time and energy by allowing staff to communicate with nurses, other teachers, custodians, and administrators, without having to walk back and forth. For example, if there is a problem in a bathroom or a child had an accident in a classroom, rather than tracking down the school custodian, two-way radios allow for quick and clear communication.

Push-to-talk two-way radios can also save time and make things run more smoothly. They can allow administrators to easily address and work out problems with people located around the building.

They are also very valuable for safety drills, and in the case that there is a real fire. They can help security quickly identify and address students bringing in illicit substances, and they can allow for quick fixes to maintenance issues, ensuring that teachers aren’t wasting students’ class time with walks down to the maintenance or IT office.

Two-way radios for school medical issues 

Medical problems in a school environment are far from uncommon. Whether it’s an injury during recess or a sudden medical emergency, two-way radios make sure that the student gets help on-site as quickly as possible.

Most every school has students with diabetes. With the advancement of phone technology and blood-sugar monitoring, it is now possible to monitor students’ blood sugar from your phone and be alerted if the levels ever drop.

So in today’s school environment, it’s not uncommon for a nurse to have a phone app providing this very service. In this example, say the nurse gets an alert notifying her that a student has low blood sugar and needs immediate assistance. If the student is out on recess or somewhere other than their normal classroom, the nurse may have trouble getting to the student on time.

However, if the nurse and teaching staff were equipped with two-way radios, the nurse would be able to quickly track down the student and give them the care they need. In the case of any medical emergency, a push-to-talk two-way radio will cut down on time and make sure students get the help they need as quickly as possible.

Two-way radios for school crises

As mentioned earlier, radios can prove invaluable for life-threatening circumstances, like fires or medical emergencies, thereby helping to save lives. Unfortunately in the current environment of our schools, those aren’t the only life-threatening situations in schools. One thing that every school needs to be prepared for is in the case of an active shooter. In this case, radios prove invaluable to first identify the situation to everyone as quickly as possible so that the proper safety drill can be initiated and emergency services called. Second, the radios can help identify who the active shooter(s) is and where they are, and make sure that all students and staff are taking proper precautions to hide away from the shooter.

In any of these situations, push-to-talk two-way radios provide an invaluable service and have the potential to not only save time and energy but to save lives. Check out our two distinct Peak PTT two way radio systems and call us at 855-600-6161 to discuss which is optimal for your school environment.