Push-to-Talk Two Way Radios for Salvage Yards

A salvage yard is a business that buys and collects broken and junk vehicles to recycle them and resell parts to the public. Basically, when someone has a junk car that they want to get rid of, a salvage yard will buy it from them and turn a profit through recycling or reselling parts.

Salvage yards are often large operations with many employees helping to purchase, transport, sell, organize, recycle, dismantle vehicles, and more. Any given salvage yard can have hundreds to thousands of vehicles on a large lot, meaning that certain challenges can arise.

For example, communication can be difficult when you have employees working on different parts of your lot, or off-site buying/transporting vehicles to the lot. Plus, with all of the heavy machinery being used to move and recycle the cars, things can get loud, and possibly even hectic, making seamless communication a challenge. Luckily, if you get the right push-to-talk two-way radio, you will find your business running much more efficiently as your employees are able to communicate quickly and easily.

Easy to Use

Push-to-talk two-way radios are very easy to use. Your employees can communicate with one another at a push of a button with two-way radios. This means no more missed calls or searching for your cell phone, or having to run down an employee: if all employees are outfitted with radios then they will be able to hear a message as soon as it is sent. They even have a panic button to provide instant emergency notification.

Eliminates Background Noise

Salvage yards can be a loud place to work, making communication difficult. Whether it’s the crusher running or a tractor that employees are using to move parts and vehicles, it can be difficult to send a message.

Peak PTT two-way radios come with a noise-canceling feature, meaning that they can block out the background noise so employees can send a clear message even when loud machinery would otherwise make it difficult. Plus, you can outfit employees with noise cancellation headsets so that they can hear the message just as well.

Long Distance

 Also, two-way radios allow for long-distance communication, unlike some walkie-talkies. This means that whether you are trying to reach an employee on the other side of the lot, or send a message to someone who is out transporting a vehicle to the site, you will have no problem communicating long-distance with two-way radios.

Durable and Non-Commital

 Unlike cellphones and walkie-talkies that can break with a little bit of use, two-way radios are durable. They are rugged, and can withstand a little bit of dirt, and some are IP rated to withstand falls and water too. So with a sound purchase of two-way radios, you won’t have to worry about constantly replacing them as you might with a cellphone or cheap walkie-talkie.

Plus, our two-way radios are affordable and non-commital. Unlike cellphones where you have to commit to a plan, two-way radios can be rented out on a monthly basis.

PeakPTT two-way radios are perfectly suited for salvage yards. Get yours today. 855-600-6161