Push-to-Talk Two Way Radios for Pool Maintenance and Cleaning Companies

Every household that has a pool knows the importance of pool maintenance. Pool maintenance families and their friends can enjoy a clear and clean pool free of sediments, residues, pathogens, and pests.

As summer approaches, pool maintenance and cleaning companies are entering their peak season. In this article, we will discuss how push-to-talk two-way radios can benefit your pool maintenance and cleaning company.

 Weekly Pool Maintenance

 Thorough pool care will ensure clean and safe water throughout the swimming season. Naturally, many customers desire regular pool maintenance and cleaning to ensure that their pool stays clean throughout the season, often once a week.

While your team is out on different job sites performing weekly maintenance, it is important that they maintain communication with their manager and other employees. This will help them to coordinate, improve their planning, and immediately reschedule their day if one client cancels or another one needs an emergency pool cleaning.

Push-to-talk two-way radios are the perfect solution to keep all of your employees in communication with one another and quickly adapt to any changing circumstances. Plus, if management has any information to disseminate or employees have to ask management a question while they are off-site, they can easily access them with the push of a button.

What does pool maintenance include?

 As you know, pool maintenance and cleaning require a variety of jobs to achieve a thorough cleaning that your customers will be satisfied with. Pool maintenance usually includes the following:

  • Skim off leaves and debris.
  • Brush sediment from pool walls.
  • Vacuum the pool.
  • Clean skimmer.
  • Keep your pump running.
  • Check filter and backwash as needed.
  • Test pool water and add chemicals.

If any problems arise while completing their regular duties, you want to make sure that your employees can contact the right person to report a problem like malfunctioning equipment or low supplies like pool chemicals.

Push-to-talk radios are the perfect option as they allow immediate communication between all parties regardless of distance or cell service.

Waterproof Radios and IP Ratings

 Moreover, Peak PTT offers durable, waterproof radios that are essential for employees working around bodies of water like pools.

Radios are all measured using an IP rating. IP ratings are two-digit numbers that measure how resistant a radio is to solid matter (like dust, dirt, rocks) and liquid matter (like water). The first digit ranges from zero to six, zero meaning no resistance to solid matter and six meaning a high resistance. The second digit measures water resistance on a scale from zero to eight, with eight being the most water-resistant.

Peak PTT offers several waterproof push-to-talk two way radios with high water resistance ratings that are perfect for employees that work in pool maintenance and cleaning services. Check out the 304g radio for an excellent waterproof model.