Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Oil Platforms

The ability to communicate quickly and effectively on oil platforms is critical. The men and women who work and, essentially, live on these platforms for the duration of their “hitches” rely on the ability to communicate quickly and effectively. This is especially true when emergencies occur. However, it still applies to day-to-day operations. These are just a few ways push to talk two-way radios for energy companies can be essential on oil platforms.

Share Data between Platform and Corporate Offices

Push to talk communications allows the transfer of voice communication and data alike. It’s a secure communication platform that allows you to share vital information between the platform and the main office where key information is being monitored and feedback often needs to be sent regarding safety concerns and other news that affects how the platform operates.

Ideally Suited for Use on Oil Rigs and Platforms (when you choose the right radio)

Two-way radios come in many shapes and sizes. From sleek discrete models to those that are built rugged, durable, and ready for anything. When using on oil rigs, radios will ideally have high IP ratings making them essentially waterproof and resistant to windblown debris that could render radios with lower IP ratings inoperable. Push to talk two-way radios are also equipped with GPS tracking. If something does go wrong and you have men in the water, they can send signals detailing their GPS locations to direct help straight to them.

Enhance Safety

Many platforms and rigs are in remote locations. Whether your rig is on land or water, aid can sometimes be slow to respond. With panic and SOS buttons, two-way radios allow you to signal for help quickly and relay critical information about the nature of help required. Even for minor emergencies that can be managed in the rig’s infirmary, two-way radios allow you to call for the appropriate person to help right away for much faster emergency response and the ability to return to production and business as usual more promptly.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Sometimes drilling platforms seem like they are entirely too small. However, when everyone is doing their jobs, spread out across the platform, the ability to communicate quickly and easily, with the touch of a button, allows workers to implement necessary changes and return to work faster than ever.

Whether you’re looking for solutions that allow your oil platforms to operate more efficiently, ways to improve safety on your rigs and platforms, or a little bit of both, Peak PTT offers two-way radios and communications solutions that can help you do all that and more. Take a look around our website and give us a call at 855-600-6161 if you have any questions.

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