Push to Talk 2-Way Radio Communication for Nursing Home Management

As a nursing home manager, you have massive responsibilities to the patients and the families that have trusted you with the care of their loved ones. It’s a responsibility that carries a lot of weight and plays heavily on your mind.

The odds are good that you’d like to have every potentially beneficial tool in your arsenal to help you provide care that is worthy of the trust that’s been placed in you. With all the medical technology advances, there is one tool, not high on the medical technology radar, that is indispensable for helping you manage your nursing home more effectively: the push to talk two-way radio. Below you will find just a few great reasons why.

Communicate with Any Employee on Campus or Off at Any Time

In fact, you can communicate with all employees at once if you need to send out urgent staff information. For one on one communication, though, push to talk radios are highly effective, instant, and offer crystal clear voice quality.

Send and Receive Voice and Data Transmissions

Not only can PTT communication be used to share voice information with members of your team. It can also be used to relay private patient information that shouldn’t go over voice channels. This helps with discretion and HIPAA compliance.

Secure Communication Options

Because you deal with so much private and protected information about the patients you care for, it is key to ensure that your communications are secure as well. From state of the art encryption technology to advanced accessories that provide discrete communication through microphones and earpieces, Peak PTT has you covered.

Rough and Tumble Communication Tools

Your day can get hectic. Crazily so. You may drop your phone or radio several times before the day is over or it might be exposed to pureed food, water, or someone getting aggressive with sand art or potting soil. You never know what’s in store. The right radios and communications tools can stand up to move things you’ll encounter on an average day and quite a few unexpected twists along the way.

Easy to Use to Call for Help

Emergencies happen in nursing homes. Far more often than anyone on staff likes to realize. You’re dealing with patients who are sometimes critically ill and searching for safe spaces to live out their lives with the greatest quality care available. When emergencies occur, push to talk two-way radios allow your staff to call for the right kind of assistance immediately.

Still not convinced about the benefits push to talk radios have to offer your nursing home? Contact Peak PTT today to learn more about how it can help you boost morale, improve efficiency, and improve patient experiences and outcomes along the way. Call us at 855-600-6161.

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