Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Fitness Clubs Management

Fitness clubs might not be the first locations you think of for engaging push to talk two-way radios into the management routine. However, failing to consider them could prove detrimental to your business.

These are just four great ways your fitness club can benefit from using two-way radios to communicate and so much more.

#1) Discrete Communication between Team Members and Management

Push to talk and two-way radio technology has come a long way in recent years. With the addition of the right accessories, you can use two way radio communication to discretely communicate with members of your team to encourage them to check on patrons who may be struggling, bring water to member who might be facing dehydration, or even to make a request for more towels for the showers.

#2) Instant Access to Emergency Services

Most two-way radios today are not only equipped with GPS tracking tools relaying precise location information, but also with tools onboard to contact emergency services with the push of a single button. Fitness clubs are designed to help people get fit. Sometimes patrons over exert themselves in their efforts and sometimes emergencies just happen. The ability to contact emergency services promptly saves lives.

#3) Relay Important Messages to Your Team without Calling a Staff Meeting

Push to talk two way radios allow you to deliver voice messages to your entire team without pulling them away from their duties. This is a huge cost-cutting measure for most businesses when you consider the amount of time wasted in team meetings each week. This is time your staff could use devoting to setting up equipment, performing routine maintenance tasks, and seeing to the needs of your members and guests instead.

#4) Improve Customer Service

One thing gym members across the country absolutely hate, according to Virtuagym, is bad treatment from your staff. With two-way radios you can effectively communicate with team members when customers need attention. From the reception desk where members and visitors go to sign in or sign up to the gym floor where it’s important to make sure that no one is using equipment improperly or risking injury with poor form, you can improve response time and address poor customer service performance immediately when you, as management, see it in action.

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