Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Land Surveyors

Because land surveyors work in so many different types of locations, from inner city locations to remote areas far outside of most town services, communication can be a bit of a challenge for those who are not equipped with push to talk two way radios. These radios facilitate so much more than effective communication, becoming indispensable tools for the modern land surveyor.

These are just four reasons why PTT two way radios are so important to land surveyors and their teams.

  1. Provides GPS coordinates and locations.  Whether for emergencies or informational purposes, the GPS identification made possible by two-way radios can help your surveyors in accomplishing their tasks. More importantly, if they are hurt on the job, their radios can be tools by which they call for help or that lead help to them, if they are unable to communicate their emergencies.
  2. Allows transfer of data, images, and voice communication. Modern push to talk two way radios offer more than the ability to communicate through voice communications alone. In addition to communication to one person, a small group of people, or your entire organization, PTT radios allow you to transmit data recovered in the field, images, and more. That means you can work more efficiently while sharing information on-the-go with people at the home office or headquarters.
  3. Use GPS tracking to keep track for your people. Time is money and you don’t want people wasting company time by surveying land in the wrong location. Worse still, you don’t want people using company time taking care of personal errands. Two way radios are often equipped with GPS tracking capabilities so you can keep up with where your people are whenever they are out of the office. This helps you keep labor costs down and avoid some of the more costly mistakes in your line of work.
  4. Offers rugged radio options for exposure to the elements. The PTT 584G Dedicated Push to Talk Rugged Handset is an ideal example of a push to talk two way radio built to stand up to the rigors of work exposed to Mother Nature. The rugged handset has an IP67 rating meaning that it is practically impervious to dust and water and a great choice for working with in the field.

Peak PTT understands the unique communications challenges land surveyors face. Contact Peak PTT today to learn more about our efficient, cost-effective communications solutions for your people in the field.