Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Municipalities

Local municipalities need healthy, robust communications tools to keep things flowing when handling practically every aspect of city management. Push to talk two way radios are ideal matches on every level for effective communication for municipalities. These are just some of the reasons to consider push to talk two way radios for communication within your city government.

Intuitive, Easy to Use Dispatch Software

One of the real beauties about using PTT two way radios from Peak PTT is the availability of affordable, easy to use, and intuitive dispatch software. This makes it possible for people in multiple departments to operate the software and manage dispatch duties for their departments without worry. More importantly, it allows you to keep tabs on city workers on the job, courtesy of GPS enabled radios that give precise worker locations from your laptop or PC.

Reliable, Long Distance Coverage Area

City workers, municipal bus drivers, snowplow drivers, street maintenance crews, and more work all across the city and sometimes outside the boundaries of your city. This can make communication via older radio systems challenging. Modern PTT two way radios are up for the challenge, especially with a name like Peak PTT behind them. We offer nationwide 4G network coverage, so you don’t have to worry about radios going out of range anywhere in the city where a mobile phone signal is available.

Instant Communication

Whether you’re talking to one individual city worker or your entire team at once, push to talk two way radios place the power of instantaneous communication right at your fingertips. This means there is no signal lag, no dialing and hoping for an answer, no games of phone tag, no wondering if your message got through and waiting, sometimes for hours if not days, for a response.

Radio Selection

When choosing two way radios for your city government workers, you have a choice of vehicle mounted radios or portable radios that city workers can carry with them as they go about their tasks. Portable radios offer an impressive assortment of features, including the ability to download apps, such as Lone Worker or Man Down designed to increase safety for your city workers in the field.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all, especially to cash-strapped cities, is the low startup and operating costs of push to talk two way radio communications systems. Contact Peak PTT today to learn about the many ways our radios can help  your municipality operate more efficiently and communicate more cost-effectively.

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