Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Horse Racing Staff

Horse racing season is gearing up. Whether you’re outfitting a horse racing facility or the staff of your personal horse racing team, push to talk two way radios offer unique benefits that can help you operate more efficiently, more safely, and with greater outcomes. These are just some of the ways your horse racing staff can benefit from push to talk two way radios from Peak PTT.

Facilitates Faster Communication

Whether you’re trying to facilitate communication from the front office to people who are working on the ground to make race days a huge hit with audiences or you’re attempting to ease communication between racehorse training staff and the grooms who care for the horses after workouts are complete, the ease of one-touch, instantaneous communication cannot be ignored. Push to talk two way radios even allow you to offer open communications with large groups to make emergency announcements, track-wide announcements, and pass along vital safety information to all.

Drowns Out Crowd Noises

Anyone who has ever attended one of the larger horse races, such as:

  • The Kentucky Derby
  • The Preakness Stakes
  • The Belmont Stakes

understands just how loud the roar of the crowd can be. Even in the moments before races begin when the crowd is simply getting to know their neighbors, the noise can be overwhelming.

Push to talk two-way radios come equipped with features that enhance the voices of those talking while drowning out the din of the crowd and other noises so prevalent in horse racing. You can also purchase accessories, such as earpieces and mics that help to cancel out the background noise even more effectively, so no messages are missed during important events.

Delivers Emergency Messages in an Instance

Horse racing is a dangerous sport, like any other. While every precaution is taken to ensure the safety of the horses and jockeys, accidents happen. Sometimes with devastating consequences. When they do, seconds matter. They can mean the difference between a full recovery for horses and humans alike and crippling injuries that end lives and careers. Whether coordinating with track veterinarians or emergency services, push to talk radios provide any member of your staff to quickly and effortlessly connect with the right emergency personnel.

Call us here at Peak PTT today at 855-600-6161 to learn more about the ways your horse racing staff can benefit from the addition of push to talk two-way radios. We believe they are the perfect tools for long-distances communications between members of your team to create better outcomes and to establish memorable experiences for the crowds who come to watch.

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