Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Zoos

Zoos are complex organizations. They are certainly multi-faceted with a retail component, an educational component, a research component, and caring for the animals under the charge of zoo management and staff. It isn’t an easy business to run, by any means. From public safety to public relations push to talk two-way radios can make every aspect of zoo management operate more smoothly.

Zoo Security

The safety of the guests and animals in your zoo are of critical importance. You have staff members that patrol throughout operating hours to help ensure the safety of all as well as those who work outside of operational hours to help manage the care and safety of the animals who call the zoo their home.

PTT two-way radios allow security personnel to communicate with each other and other members of staff to coordinate security efforts and report any potential problems (suspicious bags, agitated animals, or even antagonistic guests), even if they are spread out across the zoo property.

When emergencies occur that require medical care or other assistance, messages can be sent quickly by any member of the zoo’s staff so that help arrives as quickly as possible.

Zoo Management

Zoo management need to have instant access to multiple groups of people at any given time throughout the day – and even after hours as well. Push to talk services allow them to communicate with two-way radios throughout the day or their mobile phones or laptops when they are offsite. It helps them stay current on the events taking place at the zoo by managing communications with multiple teams quickly and effectively.

Retail Staff

Whether concessions are running dangerously low on napkins and other essential supplies or the gift shop is experiencing a run on stuffed rhinoceroses or there’s a computer glitch at the gate that is causing problems with annual memberships, two-way radios allow members of your retail staff to discretely relay the problem to the proper people at your zoo who can handle it.

Animal Care

The people charged with caring for the animals at your zoo have amazing jobs that are a joy for many of them but that also hold risks. Two-way radios allow them to communicate potential problems with the animals and signal potential emergencies that must be dealt with as well without delay because the communication is instantaneous, requiring only the push of a button.

Peak PTT offers a wide range of features and services that can help your zoo improve performance in nearly every area of service. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help. Call: 855-600-6161

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