5 Useful Peak PTT Two-Way Radio Features

Choosing the right two-way radio with Peak PTT is simple thanks to the many useful features Peak PTT two-way radios offers for business use and more. Whether you need radios to foster improved one-on-one communication with employees or members of your team or you’re looking for the versatility to talk to small groups or your entire organization at once, Peak PTT two-way radios have you covered.

Useful features like these, are just the icing on the cake.

  1. Long Battery Life

Peak PTT radios like the PTT-584G Dedicated Push to Talk Rugged Handset offers a high-capacity battery so your people can keep on going, along with their radios, when shifts run well past the standard eight hours.

  1. Rugged Design

In addition to being built to last in a wide range of rough and tumble professions, many Peak PTT two-way radios are also built with extensive resistance to wind and other small particles, such as dust. This means they can not only take a few drops, slips, and spills. They can also stand up to any weather situation your people are caught out in as well.

  1. Hands-Free Features

Your workers often have their hands full or their eyes on the road. That doesn’t mean they don’t need to communicate or that you don’t need to communicate with them. Peak PTT two-way radios come with many features, and equipment, that make them easy to use even when hands are full with tools of the trade or busy driving safely.

  1. Emergency Alert Distress Calls

This is one of the most useful features of two-way radios from Peak PTT. This allows workers to easily call for assistance or notify others of danger when things go wrong. Many industries that rely on two-way radios do so for this reason, above all others. One touch access to emergency notifications is something we’re proud to offer in our radios.

  1. GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is infinitely useful. It is essential during emergency situations to ensure the right help makes it to the correct location. In business, it can be useful in ensuring your workers are where you need them to be and to make sure they’re not telling you they’re one place while goofing off elsewhere.

Ultimately, two-way radios offer many useful features for business users everywhere. Contact Peak PTT today to learn about features that can specifically help you improve communication accessibility for your entire organization. Call: 855-600-6161

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