Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Towing Companies

Towing companies have people on the road in the harshest of conditions. Whether your people are trying to navigate around massive traffic snarls to reach stranded motorists or remove vehicles that have been damaged in accidents or you’re out on the road rescuing drivers affected by rain, wind, ice, or snow, push to talk two-way radios can be instrumental in helping you get the job done faster and safer than ever before. Here are four ways it push to talk two-way radios does just that:

#1) Provides  Instant Access to Communication

Tow truck drivers rely on fast access to information and the ability to respond quickly when people need their services. Push to talk, two-way radios make that happen with instantaneous access to communication with the push of a single button. Because it only takes pressing one button to communicate effectively, push to talk radios are DOT compliant as well.

#2) Allows You to Provide Accurate Information to Stranded Motorists through GPS tracking

Peak PTT two-way radios are equipped with GPS tracking that allows you to provide accurate information about arrival times for your tow trucks, potential delays, and etc. It also allows you to more effectively direct your drivers away from major traffic tie ups to help you arrive at their destinations with minimal delays. A service that makes your customers happy.

#3) Gives You Exclusive Access to Peak PTT GPS Tracking Portal

This portal allows you to pinpoint the location of every tow truck in your fleet to enable faster response to widescale events, like ice storms, where accidents are happening throughout the area you serve. This allows you to prioritize responses according to access to trucks and severity of accidents. While keeping stranded drivers informed of what’s going on.

#4) Enables You to Communicate with Individual Drivers or Your Entire Fleet

Push to talk two-way radios allow you the option of communicating with individual drivers, a specific group of drivers, or your entire fleet of drivers to coordinate routes or responses to multiple car accidents in your location or just to relay important safety information to one driver who may be entering a higher risk location.

Order Your Peak PTT Two-Way Radios for Your Towing Company Today

The bottom line is that push to talk two-way radios from Peak PTT offer many benefits to tow truck driving operations. Whether you need assistance from GPS tracking to get safely to a required towing pickup or you’re trying to coordinate towing efforts with local law enforcement to handle large-scale accidents, chain reaction accidents, or weather-related slide offs.

Just check this recent review from Ted B: “I own a towing company and we get spread out a good bit Performing Arts job requirements. Cellular service in the area we cover is sometimes non-existent and that creates a problem for the safety of my guys and servicing our customer base. That problem is no longer an issue now that we have two-way radios through Peak. I would recommend to any business owner that has Personnel in vehicles on the road to check in to what Peak has to offer it has definitely made my life less stressful. Cost effective and we have not been in an area that we haven’t had Radio Service.”

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