Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Correctional Facilities

In correctional facilities, fast access to communication is essential for maintaining safety and security throughout your facility. Your correctional officers place themselves in harm’s way every time they go to work.

Two-way push to talk radios from Peak PTT offer a lifeline to these brave men and women in emergency situations and help your facility function more efficiently for day-to-day operations. These are just a few ways PTT radios for correctional facilities can help.

Improve Safety and Security for Your Officers

Your officers face any number of dangers in a day. From rioting prisoners to accidents and injuries on the job. Push to talk two-way radios give them instant access to help with the push of a single button.

Many radios are even equipped with an SOS panic button that allows your officers to broadcast emergency messages if your officers are in trouble. In fact, the PTT-84G has a panic button, that when a correctional officer presses it, it will alert your dispatch center of the alert as well as the location to enable fast response to the crisis.

Allows Easy Coordination for Crisis Response

When situations happen in correctional facilities that require coordinated efforts from officers throughout the facility to manage, these radios are the best tools to get the job done. They allow for group communication to coordinate the response and individual, person to person, communication to help relay emergency messages to a designated person off-site so backup can be arranged if necessary.

Durable Radios

Two-way radios offer incredible durability in fields like this where they may get knocked around, dropped, and, on occasion, misused. Depending on the radios you choose for your officers, you may have radios that offer some degree of waterproofing as well as some that offer defense against small particles of dust, rocks, etc. Peak PTT radios offer impressive IP ratings. (Learn more about IP ratings here.)

Some radios even feature longer battery life and an extra rechargeable battery to last through longer than expected shifts without giving out at critical times.

Improve Efficiency

All around, two-way radios offer instant access to communication with the touch of a button. This allows you to coordinate efforts with other team members, improve surveillance monitoring, call for back-up, and more efficiently manage crowds throughout your facility. The real beauty of these radios is that they allow greater access to communication for all members of staff. From correctional officers to food services and even the infirmary. This keeps everyone informed whether it is business as usual for your facility or you’re in a lockdown situation.

Not sure how push to talk two-way radios can help you improve operations and security at your corrections facility? Contact Peak PTT today to learn more about how we can help you make your facility a safer place for workers, prisoners, and visitors alike. Call us at 855-600-6161.

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