How Push to Talk Two-Way Radios Help with Loss Prevention

Loss prevention is something businesses of all sizes struggle with. Getting a handle on the items walking out of your store in pockets, purses, or shopping carts without being paid for can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Push to talk two-way radios can help you with your loss prevention efforts in many ways, including these:

Offers Discrete Communication Among Your Entire Team

Prevention is always the best cure when it comes to loss prevention. Employees can use two-way radios to discretely monitor guests and report suspicious behavior that may help prevent the losses from occurring in the first place. This ability to communicate with other team members on the sales floor, in management offices, and even in stock rooms or warehouse floors keeps the flow of communication going and helps to prevent situations where bling spots are unmonitored.

Report Suspicious Guest Behavior to Management

Management is the ultimate responsible party in retail environments for preventing and addressing theft or loss. Using two-way radios allows staff members to instantly notify management of suspicious guests and get instant feedback about how to proceed. More importantly, with the use of headphones and microphones, staff members can do all this discretely without chasing off paying guests.

Allows Staff to Move Freely Around the Store

Oddly enough, this helps to deter those who would otherwise shoplift or steal. Knowing staff members are moving throughout the store and not bound to cash registers means there are fewer opportunities for thieves to make a clean getaway. More importantly, it increases the risks they’ll be caught in the act, reducing your losses along the way.

Immediately Call Security When Needed

The other benefit of push to talk two-way radios for loss prevention is the ability to immediately contact security when thefts occur so they can handle apprehending the thieves and the next steps to take. Stores have people with specific jobs and functions. However, two-way radios allow for the prompt recovery of assets and reduces the amount of loss because access to relevant information takes place in an instant and even when certain parties are on the move.

Still on the fence about the possible benefits of push to talk two-way radios for loss prevention in your business? Contact Peak PTT to learn more about the ways your business can benefit from PTT radio and the unique services we offer to help you get more mileage from your two-way radios. 855-600-6161

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