Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Big-Box Stores

Big-box stores cover a lot of ground. In fact, some can be in the neighborhood of 60,000 to 140,000 square foot range and supercenters can be upwards of 250,000 square feet, or nearly six acres, according to the Institute of Local Self Reliance (ILSR). And the parking lots around big-box stores can be several times as large as the store itself.

Playing games of hide-and-seek can be epic in these humongous stores for bored teens. However, it’s the last thing you want your staff to do.

Push to talk two-way radios eliminate the opportunities for key members of your staff to hide away while there is a never-ending supply of work to be done. Below you will learn about a few of the benefits push to talk two-way radios, like the Peak PTT two-way radios,  bring to your big box store.

Improved Employee Accountability

Not only can you locate employees who aren’t where you expect them to be with a quick radio status check, but you can also communicate with them directly to find out about the status of projects they’re supposed to be working on, such as:

  • End of week/month display changes
  • Product inventory
  • Stocking
  • Shelf-fronting
  • Seasonal changeovers

Knowing where your people are and being able to keep them on task helps improves productivity and, in turn, profitability for your big box store.

Faster Response for Security and Safety

Security plays an important role in your big box store. Not only are they responsible for maintaining peace and order, but also managing loss prevention responsibilities, keeping employees and customers safe, and assisting in the key role of reuniting lost children with their parents (many of whom are frantic).

Whether your security and safety personnel are helping to detect and detain shoplifters or assisting someone experiencing a medical emergency, push to talk radios provide swift access to communication with the appropriate resources.

Improve Customer Experiences and Outcomes

Another way push to talk for retail excels is in providing rapid responses to customer inquiries about inventory and other matters. You can even bring management in more quickly with push to talk radios, to address customer concerns or complaints rather than waiting until a slightly discontent customer becomes fully irate.

Two-way radios also allow various departments to communicate cooperatively to ensure all hands are on deck for specific events (like Black Friday or Thanksgiving Day sales) and that any concerns that arise during the shift are monitored and addressed.

Order Your Big-Box Store Two-Way Radios Today

Big-box retail stores are cropping up in ever industry. From stores that promote the great outdoors to those that offer home improvement supplies, home furnishings, and a little bit of everything, the need for effective communication tools and tactics is one thing they all have in common.

Peak PTT can help you with your retail communications needs and concerns with PTT products and systems. Order online today or talk to one of us specialists by calling 855-600-6161.

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