Push to Talk for Snow Removal Crew

Snow removal crews must tackle large jobs in relatively short amounts of time. Whether you’re managing a team of snow plows clearing roads and parking lots or you have teams of dedicated pros hitting sidewalks, driveways, and alleys to get rid of snow quickly so homeowners can go about their duties, push to talk radios can help you keep your crews on task and on target.

These are just a few of the benefits PTT has to offer your snow removal business.

Update Team about Route Changes

Sometimes emergencies arise out in the field where different roads, parking lots, or yards need to be prioritized over others. Push to talk allows you to instantly notify your team of changes so everyone can stay on target to complete all their duties for the day. This is highly useful if you’re adding new clients into the mix as well as you can incorporate them according to location rather than to conserve fuel and reduce labor costs.

Inform Drivers of Unsafe Road Conditions

Even snowplows and vehicles equipped to be out in the snow may sometimes experience conditions that are unsafe for operation. Push to talk radios allow you to send alerts out to every member of your crew informing them of changes in condition and the need to cease operations, at least temporarily, until roads are safe for operations to resume.

Allows Crew to Send Emergency Messages

Push to talk allows each member of your crew the option to send emergency alerts, complete with GPS location tracking, when emergencies arise. These alerts ensure that help arrives as swiftly as possible to the exact location from which the emergency message is sent.

Not only is this beneficial for members of your team out on dangerous roads, but it allows them to generate goodwill for your business by notifying proper authorities of other emergencies they encounter as they go about their duties. This can include contacting a towing company for stranded motorists.

Allow Members of Your Team to Communicate with Each Other

The ability to communicate is essential for productivity and safety on the job. Push to talk allows your team members to communicate with one another to help them complete their tasks quickly and correctly. You can also use PTT to aid in things like status reports, road closures, and safety checks throughout each team member’s shift.

Most people fail to fully understand the risks involved in the work your team does in incredibly unsafe weather conditions. Push to talk technology can improve safety, boost productivity, and give you peace of mind that the men and women who work for you are safe.

Does your snow removal crew use push to talk two-way radios? If not we have you covered here at Peak PTT. Take a look Take a look at Peak PTT Two Way Radio solutions for snow removal crews, and  give us a call at 855-600-6161 if you have any questions.


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