Push-to-Talk Two Way Radios Benefit Senior Living Facilities

Senior living facilities often house patients who don’t require the same degree of direct care that nursing home patients need. In many cases, the residents are largely independent and require only occasional assistance, but prefer the community aspect of a senior living facility. That means facility administrators have numerous independent moving people you are responsible for on any given day. Push-to-talk two way radios can help in all these ways and more.

Keep Staff Apprised of Daily Events and Happenings

The broadcast feature allows you to communicate with everyone at once so everyone on your team knows about special events for the day, and other important details your mobile staff needs to know while on the go.

Provide Means of Discreet Communication Specific Team Members

In addition to broadcasting messages to everyone, push-to-talk two way radios can be used for private communication, such as that between a nurse’s aid and a nurse about vital signs or the condition of residents. The right accessories help to maintain privacy, dignity, and to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Deliver Prompt Communication and Response During Emergencies

Medical emergencies occur all the time in senior living facilities. From slips and falls to cardiac events and more, the risks are there. We all know that in emergency situations, seconds matter. The instant access to communication available with the push of a single button on a push-to-talk two way radio can help save lives and preserve independence for residents.

Help Maintain Better Security

Unfortunately, senior living centers and nursing homes alike are popular targets for thieves hoping to score pain medications. Security is more important than ever for today’s senior living centers and the ability to communicate suspicious behavior, activities, or situations discreetly and quickly is essential for maintaining security of the buildings and the residents who call your facility home.

Easy to Use

Finally, nursing homes and senior living facilities often experience high turnover rates. Some departments turn over faster than others, such as dietary, janitorial, and direct patient care. Your employees have jobs that are physically and emotionally challenging. Push-to-talk two way radios require no real learning curve to use. Which means you can focus on teaching new employees how to care for your residents rather than how to use your technology.

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