What are the Best Accessories for Your Peak PTT Two-Way Radios?

Peak PTT two-way radios come in a variety of shapes and sizes designed to meet the unique, individual needs of a varied workplace. Regardless of the industry you serve, there is a Peak PTT radio designed to meet your needs.

Of course, the accessories available for these radios allow your workers to operate more efficiently when using their radios to serve the needs of your customers and your company. Choosing the right accessories for your two-way radios is every bit as important as choosing the right two-way radios. These are some of the best accessories to consider for your Peak PTT two-way radios.

Headsets and Earpieces

Headsets allow for hands-free operation of the two way radio so your people can continue going about their duties while enjoying fast access to instantaneous communication. Earpieces provide opportunities for discrete communication among members of your team. They are easy to use allow workers to communicate discretely with management, security, and other workers.

Case and Belt Holsters

Keep radios protected and on hand in the field or in the office at all times with the simple to use case with fixed belt loop and D rings. This Peak PTT two-way radionaccessory allows employees to keep their radios on hand at all times, so they never need to worry about dropping or misplacing them.

Multi-Unit Charging Station

For businesses that accommodate multiple two-way radios, it is impossible to beat the multi-unit charging station for keeping radios charged and ready for the next shift. Not only are these units important for charging multiple devices at the same time. They are also valuable space savers, taking up far less countertop real estate than several individual charging stations.

12VDC Micro USB Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Charge your PeakPTT.com two-way radio when out in the field. Charge your device at maximum speed, The 3.4 amp dual car charging system enables you to charge your two-way radio at maximum speed while on the road.

Here at Peak PTT, we know that buying two-way radios for your organization is an important decision. We also know the value of combining the right radio products with the right accessories for facilitating the communication changes you need and expect for your organization. Work with us today and let us help you choose the perfect radios and accessories to take your operations to the next level of communication and efficiency.