Push-to-Talk Radios for Fulfillment Centers

The global pandemic has created an incredible shift of consumer preference to online shopping and ecommerce. With that in mind, more retail companies need warehouses where you can store your products and inventory. Then, they need workers to staff these large warehouses.

With so much ground to cover, push to talk radios can be instrumental in helping your fulfillment center staff and personnel community more efficiently and effectively. Here’s what you need to know.

Who Needs Push-to-Talk Radios in Fulfillment Centers?

If you operate a fulfillment center, you know there are many different employees that work in yours. And, as you know, these large warehouses leave a lot of ground to cover. Push-to-talk radios facilitate communication between departments and to those who are working on the floors to keep your business going.

This includes:

  • Package handlers
  • Forklift operators
  • Inventory managers
  • Fulfillment associates
  • Warehouse delivery drivers
  • Warehouse supervisors

That is in addition to maintenance staff, office staff, and security officers who can all benefit from the instant communication push-to-talk radios provide.

Why Push-to-Talk Radios for Fulfillment Centers?

Aside from the instant communication aspect, what you may wonder is why push-to-talk radios are such great ideas for fulfillment centers.

In other words, what do these radios have to offer the fulfillment center business model?

  • Communicate over great distances. The average fulfillment center covers a lot of ground. Offering easy access to communication throughout the building isn’t always easy. Push-to-talk radios have you covered with no problems.
  • Group or individual communication. One of the most convenient things about push-to-talk radios are that you can use them to communicate with a single person, a small group of people, or everyone at once. This is great for emergency notifications, company announcements, and so much more.
  • Push-to-talk radios provide fast feedback. Unlike email and text messages, push-to-talk radios allow for fast responses to broadcast messages and other times when a response is warranted.
  • Improves response times for emergencies. Whether you have an accident, injury, or illness on the job, push-to-talk radios ensure prompt responses to your emergency.

Whether you’re re-prioritizing the shift or you simply want to let the entire team know what a great job they’ve done, push-to-talk two way radios are the only tool you need to keep your staff on time, on task, and on target.

Peak PTT can help you find the right radios and service to help you move your products more efficiently on every shift. Contact us today to learn about the many ways push-to-talk for fulfillment centers is the only way to go.