Push to Talk Two Way Radios for K-12 Education

Educators face more challenges today than they have in a long time when. One of the major challenges is effective communication. Oddly enough, in a world where mobile phones proliferate, in times of emergency, mobile phones face serious communication handicaps.

This is why many K-12 school systems are considering two-way radio communications for staff instead of relying on mobile phones for communication. These highly useful tools facilitate communication in all the following situations and more.

Reporting Playground Injuries and Illnesses with Nursing Staff

Injuries and illnesses are commonplace in schools today. From playground and gymnasium accidents to students taking ill in instances, it is sometimes necessary to contact the nurse quickly to apprise him or her of the situation so appropriate measures can be taken. Two-way radios allow communication in in an instant, so students can receive prompt attention when needed.

Managing Assemblies and Events on Campus

When there are a lot of people around, things can get chaotic. Two-way radios help teachers, security staff, and others in the K-12 school system communicate before, during, and after assemblies and other events, like:

  • Band Concerts
  • Choral Performances
  • Plays and Musicals
  • Football games
  • Graduation
  • Pep Rallies
  • Homecoming Activities
  • School Dances

Whether these events take place during traditional school hours or at odd hours throughout the evening, it is essential to have proper communication throughout these events.

Maintaining Order and Discipline

Not only do two-way radios help to improve discipline on all grade levels, but it is also instrumental in maintaining order during:

  • Fire drills
  • Tornado drills
  • Active shooter drills

Providing staff with two-way radios means that staff can quickly communicate disciplinary problems or students who may be missing during various safety drills, so the appropriate staff can locate those students to verify their safety.

Communicating Important Information for School Bus or Parent Pickup Lines

The after school bus pickup process can be sheer chaos at times. Two-way radio communication allows school staff to introduce some order to what could be chaos. By communicating which school buses have arrived to pick up students and making sure the right students are in line to be picked up, push to talk radios for school buses shine.

In addition, having one-touch communication that is DOT compliant, helps eliminate the dangers of cellphones and distracted driving, while keeping drivers informed of emergency notifications, important safety information, and more.

Handling Emergencies and Having Location Tracking

Two-way radios are even equipped with panic or emergency buttons, so teachers can notify the proper people quickly and easily if an emergency arises. The added benefit is that they are equipped with GPS location tracking, providing the exact location where the signal is coming from.

With communication being such a major factor in school safety and security, the more K-12 schools that adopt this vital communication resource, the better.

Peak PTT Radios for K-12 School Systems

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