Push to Talk for School Bus Management and Communication

Push to talk can be an instrumental tool for managing school buses and communicating with drivers who are on the road. Many states and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) have passed regulations banning the use of mobile phones by commercial transportation drivers.

Push to talk, or PTT, offers a viable solution that is safe for school bus drivers to use and complies with DOT regulations, while keeping drivers informed of important safety information, emergency notifications, and more.

Why Push to Talk for School Buses?

Push to talk technology through cellular or Wifi opens up a wide world of communication possibilities for school bus management to consider. Not only does it provide a means for effective communication between the district and school bus drivers about things like road construction rerouting, traffic congestion rerouting, weather-related issues, and other essential information, but, Peak PTT-84G radios are also equipped with GPS and panic button features.

This means if a fight breaks out on the school bus, a child fails to get off at his or her regular stop, or an accident occurs, the driver can send out an emergency notification with the push of a single button. When the driver sends this emergency message, it also provides the GPS location, so the appropriate help can respond immediately.

The benefits of GPS tracking for push to talk do not end there, though. Worried parents can gain invaluable peace of mind knowing that the location of the bus and driver can be tracked at all times, thanks to the GPS location technology in the radios.

This means you know when there are school bus transportation delays, you can get to the bottom of it,  allowing you to address concerns, including parental concerns when they call to ask what’s going on. Better yet, because you know about the delays, you can send text alerts to parents on the affected bus. This small gesture lets parents know they do not need to worry. Everyone benefits.

DOT Compliances for Push to Talk

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when adopting PTT radios for your school bus management and communications needs is that the radios meet DOT standards for compliance. PTT radios do this because they enable communication without requiring the driver to dial phone numbers, reach, or take their eyes off the road. Communication is possible, literally, by pushing one single button.

Push to talk radios can benefit your school bus management efforts in all these ways and more.

Contact Peak PTT today and let us discuss all the ways PTT can help you manage buses in your district more effectively. For more information, for a free demo or to place an order, call us toll-free at 855-600-6161.

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