PTT two way radios for COVID-19 Booster Shot Events

As COVID variants emerge and further mutate, booster shots in the United States may become more common and available to those looking for added protection against the changing coronavirus. As more Americans get vaccinated, there are still the COVID variants, like the Delta variant, that threaten to keep us socially distanced and away from big groups without an added defense like COVID-19 booster shots.

Also, the protection of vaccines does not last forever currently, but the booster shots can help provide your immune system with protection against the virus. Booster shots will be designed for fully vaccinated individuals to get in early fall, and going forward throughout the winter, though adjustments to the recommendations are ongoing.  The Biden administration has recommended in the past that fully vaccinated individuals receive the booster after eight months of their second dose of the vaccine, beginning with the immunocompromised.

As much of America still faces the mayhem caused by the raging of the coronavirus and its variants, COVID-19 booster shot events, which require people going to large gatherings to have COVID-19 booster shots, will likely become more popular. If you are hosting such an event, it would be worth your while to consider purchasing or renting PTT (push-to-talk) two-way radios so you can rest assured your event runs smoothly and safely. Below, we will discuss a few of the benefits to using PTT two-way radios for your COVID-19 booster shot events.

Benefits of PTT Two-Way Radios for Events

 There are many advantages of using push-to-talk two-way radios at events such as COVID-19 booster shot events, including these:

Communicate clearly over large areas

 One great benefit to PTT two-way radios is that you can communicate easily with other people over large areas. Not only will you be able to talk on the radio with people far away from you at the event, but they eliminate background noise so your message will be clearly heard. PTT two-way radios will also help your team members communicate at various staging sections of the event and quickly report any problems that may arise.


 Being able to share image data and voice communication securely is important for any event. Going forward, the ability to identify suspicious individuals and the number of people in attendance could be vital to the success and safety of your COVID-19 booster shot event. Easily communicating data to your team during the event can help you identify if you’re reaching the maximum capacity, or if people are not complying with certain rules, like social distancing or wearing masks, and more quickly resolve the issue.


 At your COVID-19 booster shot event it might be more important than ever to use discretion with your radios, you don’t want to give people another reason to feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Therefore, you should look for radios with discrete communication options where you can be sure no one will overhear the conversations you’re having with your team by using a headset and microphone for example.

Learn more about the benefits of push-to-talk two-way radios for events here, and contact us at  855-600-6161 any questions about Peak PTT radios.