October 4th is National C-B Radio Day

It makes perfect sense that 10/4, October 4th, and also the radio code for acknowledgment or an affirmative response, would be the day set aside as National C-B Radio day.

For decades, citizen’s band radio has been the go-to resource for communication on the go.

Many have taken the idea behind 10-4 and ran with it. Including users of two-way radio and push to talk communication. Whether you have a walkie-talkie, two-way radio, CB radio, or other push to talk (PTT) device, you can enjoy some of the fun and festivities, not to mention more than a few interesting code talk conversations on October 4th.

Keep these rules in mind to make this day fun for everyone, though.

Mind Your Manners

There is a certain etiquette for using two way and CB radios. If you don’t follow the “rules” of etiquette, you could find yourself on the sharp edge of a thorough tongue-lashing from multiple users.

While the airwaves aren’t as crowded as they once were, thanks to more private communication options widely available, on days like October 4th, when many users wax nostalgic, it is even more important to pay attention to the old school rules of radio etiquette.

Learn the Lingo

One of the things that make communicating via two-way radio and CB radio alike is using the lingo. If you want to sound like you know what you’re doing, you need to understand the talk – especially basic codes – used by CB radio users. This includes things like:

  • 10 – 4. For acknowledgment.
  • Let’s the person you’re speaking to know you’re through speaking and waiting for a response.
  • Let’s the other party know you’re finished speaking and with the conversation.
  • Break (followed by a channel number). Indicates you wish to interrupt the flow of conversation on a busy channel.
  • Come back. Indicates the other party didn’t hear you and is asking you to repeat what you just said.

While it does not quite talk like a pirate day, October 4th can be the next best thing. You can talk like a trucker. Especially if you take the time to learn the lingo before you get started.

Whether you’re using push to talk from Peak PTT or you have an old CB radio sitting around collecting dust, National CB Radio Day is a great time to brush up on the old lingo and have a little fun on your radio. Assuming, of course, you’ve finished your work for the day.

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