Push to Talk for Road Construction Communication Crew

Road construction crews rely on effective communication just like any other workers in the field. It takes many people, working together, often at different locations, to keep everyone safe and get the job done well. Push to talk communication can be instrumental in keeping your road crew on the same page and to respond promptly to emergencies when they arise.

Who on Your Road Construction Crew Needs PTT Communication?

Everyone on your crew could benefit from push to talk communication. After all, communication is essential for everyone on the team, including people who do the following:

  • Manage traffic.
  • Set up cones.
  • Removing obstructions.
  • Breaking up concrete.
  • Laying pavement.

Even the people who travel from one road construction site to the next to make sure everything is going according to plan and to make sure that no needs are unmet benefit from push-to-talk communication. It allows them to get a message from multiple road crews in order to avoid unnecessary trips.

How Does Push to Talk Improve Communication?

Push to talk technology allows our road construction crews to communicate instantly, with the push of a button, with specific groups or even individuals. This instant communication can be essential for flagmen who are out of each other’s lines of sight. In fact, it facilitates communication in a variety of ways, including:

  • DOT compliant communication for drivers.
  • Emergency/SOS communication with GPS location.
  • Allows you to send emergency alerts about weather and other conditions.
  • Promotes easy organization-wide communication.
  • Provides the option of private communication as well.

Road driver crews have important jobs to do. PTT communication helps them do their jobs more efficiently while staying in the communication loop. Think about it, with crystal clear communication and noise-canceling technology, members of your crew can hear your messages and respond without needing to stop what they’re doing and take the time to text or return a phone call. That’s huge for your productivity.

How Can Peak PTT Two-Way Radios Help Your Road Construction Business?

Greater efficiency requires less time to accomplish more. It’s a beautiful thing. Push to talk technology for communication allows you to bring that level of efficiency to your business. Push to talk with the Peak PTT 4G push to talk over cellular radio, for instance, allows you to do all the following:

  • Send and receive status reports from crew members.
  • Track current and previous locations of your team members.
  • Make safety announcements to all your team members.
  • Communicate with specific groups, your entire organization, or individual members of your team.
  • SOS/Panic button to send instant emergency notifications if a crew member is injured or another emergency arises.

The real benefit is that Peak PTT offers you these options and more with low startup costs for a service that is easy to implement within your organization.

Contact us today here at Peak PTT to learn more about how easy it is to get your road crew started with PTT communication. Call 1-855-600-6161 or email us at info@peakptt.com

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