How Does Push to Talk Equipment Financing Work?

While push to talk services offers a far more budget-friendly startup cost than other options available to businesses today, there are still some costs involved in buying the equipment you need to get started. Peak PTT understands that this can be prohibitive for some businesses and offers a push to talk equipment financing option to help you get started on the road to more effective communication options for your business. Here’s how it works.

Lease to Own Your Equipment

The process is simple. You apply online for the Peak PTT Commercial Equipment Lease. The form itself is easy to understand and takes a matter of minutes to fill out. The real beauty is that this is all you need to do in order to apply for the financing you seek. You will receive an instant credit decision, so you can then move on to the next step of coming up with your upfront costs and taking advantage of fixed rate monthly payments for your equipment.

Once you’ve signed the lease documents and submitted them to us by email or fax, we’ll reach out to you to arrange for you to get your equipment – after which, we will call to verify that you have, in fact, received the equipment you’ve leased. We’ve even made it possible for you to manage your account and make payments online, so you never need to worry about putting a check in the mail for us.

The real beauty of leasing your equipment, though goes even deeper. It offers unique tax advantages for your business. In fact, your lease payments may be 100 percent tax deductible as operational expenses for your business.

Leasing your equipment rather than purchasing it outright helps you to future-proof your communication equipment. Because you’re only leasing, there’s no real harm in upgrading to the latest technology as it becomes available. You can trade up at any time without facing potential penalties or added expenses you might be forced to manage if you were financing your equipment through more traditional channels.

Is it Wise to Lease Equipment?

One of the more common questions, especially among businesses that can afford to purchase their equipment outright, is whether it’s a better choice for lease or buy the equipment. Consider this, leasing the equipment helps you spread out the up-front investment over time, freeing up precious business capital for use on other things.

Ultimately each business will have to choose which option is best for you. Leasing offers an attractive alternative to paying the upfront costs out of pocket, though, for many businesses ― especially when the process is as simple and painless as the Peak PTT financing options.

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