Push-to-Talk Two-Way Radios for Roll-Off Truck Fleets

Roll-off trucks are vehicles that move portable containers from one location to another. They feature open containers which they are able to tilt and roll, making dumping the contents very simple.

Roll-off trucks can be extremely useful in a variety of industries from waste management to construction and demolition. They are able to maneuver better than larger fixed-bodies through tight spaces, making them a more versatile option. Roll-off trucks make disposing of waste and dumping materials significantly easier while allowing a business to have containers at multiple locations with fewer vehicles. Therefore, it’s no surprise so many businesses use a roll-off truck fleet.

If you own or manage a roll-off truck fleet, you’re always on the lookout to optimize your business and support your bottom line. Also, driving and operating roll-off trucks can be dangerous, especially in circumstances where the roll-off trucks are picking up debris from a natural disaster. While making your business more effective and improving safety with one simple solution may sound too good to be true, we assure you it’s possible with two-way radios.

Peak PTT Two-way radios

You may be surprised to learn how affordable and effective outfitting your roll-off truck fleet with high-quality two-way radios is. Peak PTT two-way radios are easy to use and will benefit your business in a number of ways while keeping your drivers more connected and safe on the road. Below, we’ll go into more detail about how two-way radios can benefit your roll-off truck fleet.

Easy to use and operate

Trying to use a cell phone on the road can be both bothersome and dangerous. The process of unlocking your phone and searching for the right contact or message can result in a serious accident and is considered distracted driving. Push to talk two-way radios are extremely easy to use, it’s in the name “push to talk”, all you have to do to send a message is push the button. This allows drivers to easily communicate with one another and dispatch on the road without getting distracted.

In case of emergency

Whether it’s an injury at the work site or an accident on the road, you want to be sure your employees can get a message out as quickly as possible if something goes wrong. Keeping a radio in all of the trucks will make sure that employees have access to reliable and fast communication whenever they need it, especially in emergencies.

Better communication

 Peak PTT radios will keep drivers better connected with dispatch and any other employees they need to check in with. Outfitting your fleet with two-way radios will drastically improve communication fleet-wide and ensure that your business runs smoothly and your employees stay safe.