Essential Equipment for Storm Chasers

Sometimes, important jobs can be dangerous, and this is certainly the case for storm chasers. Storm chasers follow severe weather events so they can keep others safe, prepared, and informed. Storm chasers may film and take photographs of severe weather events to try and spread awareness about the importance of being prepared and taking storms seriously.

Although storm chasers do their job to keep others safer and informed about severe weather, they put themselves in danger to do so. When storm chasers are out collecting data from a storm, they need to be able to rely on good equipment. More specifically, they need a means of communication with a strong signal that won’t be blocked by the storm, and that won’t be damaged by moisture.

Push to talk two-way radios are durable, easy-to-use radios, that will give you a strong signal wherever you are. Here are some reasons that storm chasers can benefit from Peak PTT  two-way radios.

Easy and safe communication

Unlike when you use a cellphone, with Peak PTT radios, there is no need to dial in a number or look up a contact in your phone. With a push of a button, you can be immediately talking to your whole team. This is especially useful if you’re driving or on the lookout, it allows you to keep your eyes fixed on the task at hand while also communicating to your team.


Our radios are rated based on their resistance to moisture, dirt and sand, and falls. So if you plan on taking our radios into a storm with you, you can be sure that rain, high winds carrying small debris, or a short drop won’t take your radio out of commission.


 Our radios are designed to be long-distance so you never have to worry about being unable to reach a member of the team. Plus, even in heavy storms that might interfere with the signal of a walkie-talkie or cellphone, our radios will still be able to transmit and receive messages.

Panic button

 In case the worst happens, it is good to have a panic button feature. The Peak PTT-84G features a panic button that will alert others that you hit the panic button and send them your GPS location. This saves time and ensures that the medical professionals will not have to search for the individual(s) as they will have the exact GPS location.

Regardless of your situation, if you are a storm chaser you know that safety is key, and a great way to improve the safety of your team is by investing in reliable equipment. Check out Peak PTT radios and improve the safety of you and your storm chasing team.