Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Electric Vehicle (EV) Plants

All manufacturing facilities, including automaking facilities, can be loud and potentially dangerous environments. There is heavy equipment, many employees, and loud noises going on that can make clear and safe communication difficult.

Pressure on electric vehicle manufacturers is relentless and rising demands mean that manufacturing businesses need to increase productivity to stay ahead of the curve, while also making sure that their facilities are as safe as possible.

One affordable and effective way to streamline your manufacturing facility while also improving the safety of your employees is by investing in push to talk two way radios for your electric vehicle plant.

What is a Push to Talk Two Way Radio?

A push to talk two way radio is a powerful, durable, and effective communication advice, unlike its cheap, ineffective relative: the walkie-talkie. Two way radios have a long-range and can deliver a message from one employee to all the others on the channel at a push of a button. Below we will discuss different ways that two way radios can benefit your manufacturing facility.

Instant Communication

No more sending text messages, digging around for your phone, or needing to call several people to address an issue. Two way radios give you access to instant communication with the literal push of a button.

Multiple Channels

A great benefit to using two way radios rather than cellphones is that you can deliver a message to multiple people at one time. However, you may be worried that with all of your employees the channel may be overwhelmed and nobody will be able to get a message through.


In fact, you have access to multiple channels so you can designate different departments to certain channels so that only those who need to hear a message from their specific department will hear it. Plus, you can add a channel for managers and supervisors if they have any questions directed towards them.

Clear communication

Using a walkie-talkie or cellphone in a manufacturing facility, especially a loud one, probably won’t work. Either you won’t be able to hear a message or your message will be obscured with loud noises so nobody can understand it. Our two way radios come with noise cancellation technology so that any background noise will be cut out in order to deliver a clear message. If that still isn’t enough you can add headphones to make receiving messages even more clear.


All of our two way radios are rated for durability. So if you want to invest in radios that can take on some dirt, short falls, and general wear and tear, you can. This will allow you to sleep soundly that you made an investment in equipment that won’t have to be regularly replaced.


For all of the reasons mentioned above and more, push-to-talk two way radios will greatly improve your facility’s communication and allow your employees to better coordinate with one another. Not only will this increase productivity, but it will allow your employees to immediately address problems, and if any work injuries do happen, employees will be able to get help that much faster.

Call us here at PEAK PTT at 855-600-6161 to discuss your needs for push-to-talk two radios for your electric vehicle plant. Our radios support nationwide coverage with no contracts.