Benefits of Multi-Unit Chargers for Your PeakPTT Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios are an essential part of promoting good communication in a multitude of different businesses. Towing, school security, waste management, event planning, =construction, retailers, and many more industries rely on two-way radios for seamless communication and a safe workplace.

There are additional accessories like noise cancelling headphones, mics, and chargers, all of which improve the functionality of the radios.

If your business relies on many employees using radios in their daily operation, then it is essential that you extend the life of the radios to ensure that they can be used whenever needed. A great way to ensure this is by using multi-unit chargers for your radios.

What are multi-unit chargers?

Multi-unit chargers are radio chargers that allow several radios to be charged at once using a single plug.

Benefits of multi-unit chargers

If your employees require a fully charged radio at the beginning of each shift, then it is crucial that all radios can be plugged in and quickly charged so they’re ready to use.

Multi-unit chargers efficiently organize and allow several radios to be charged at once, using only one plug. This means that employees can easily locate, store, and charge radios and make sure that they always have a fully-charged radio when they begin their shift. Plus, it improves the accountability of radios, making them more difficult to lose and easier to keep track of.

Furthermore, multi-unit chargers use only one plug. That means you don’t need a wall of outlets to charge all of your radios at one time.

Peak PTT multi-unit chargers

Peak PTT offers top-of-the-line multi-unit chargers for our radios. With the following chargers, you can plug in 6 or 8 radios at a time in the charging dock so you can reap the benefits of multi-unit chargers.

PTT-84G 6-Way Multi-Charger – This charger allows you to charge 6 PTT-84G radios at once. It includes an LCD display that shows the radio slot, battery percentage, voltage, amps, and time on the charger.

PTT 584G Multi-Charger – This charger works for charging 6 PTT 584G radios.

PTT 394 Multi-Charger – This is an 8-way charger that charges the PTT 394 radios.

PTT-304G Multi-Charger – If you have PTT-304G radios, you’ll want the PTT-304G multi-charger. It can charge 8 PTT-304G radios at once.

With these multi-unit chargers, you’ll keep track of your radios better and ensure that your employees always have a fully charged radio when they begin their shift. Plus, you won’t have to worry about all of the outlets that you require if you use individual chargers.