5 Push-to-Talk Two-Way Radio COVID-19 Tips

COVID-19 has changed the way the world works and many businesses operate. We now live in a world where social distancing and personal space are the rules rather than the exceptions. As we seek to work with new constraints, communication is more important than ever. Push-to-talk two-way radios from Peak PTT can help you improve efficiency and productivity – even in these trying times. These five tips can help.

  1. Clean and sanitize your two-way radios often. While you may not need to clean or sanitize your two-way radios every time you wash your hands, it’s important to sanitize them between users and clean them at least daily. This includes vehicle-mounted radios as well. Using 70 percent alcohol to dampen a cloth and wiping the surface is all you need to do to sanitize these radios without causing lasting damage to them. Pay special attention to the talk button when cleaning and sanitizing.
  2. Assign radios to employees rather than sharing radios. Engrave employees name on radios or assign radio numbers to specific employees. That limits the exposure to germs between employees and encourages members of your staff to clean their radios appropriately (because they are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing the radios that they will be using next.
  3. Use hands-free accessories. Going hands free limits the amount of handling each radio requires. Hands-free accessories can make it easy for your employees to communicate without forcing them to touch the device every time they need to do so. This includes a wide range of products from headsets to microphones and more.
  4. Use two-way push-to-talk radios in loud environments to maintain social distancing. Push-to-talk radios are equipped with voice enhancing features that promote crystal-clear communication. More importantly, it promotes social distancing while allowing your team to stay on top of the situation. These radios can be instrumental in promoting social distancing no matter how loud and rowdy things get on factory floors and industrial settings.
  5. Skip the crowded conference room. Use push-to-talk two-way radios instead. Not only is it nearly impossible to maintain appropriate social distancing in a crowded conference room, using masks in such crowded situations, can make it difficult to understand one another. Push-to-talk communication allows you to communicate with your entire team with exceptional quality and clarity and without exposing one another to unnecessary risk.

In recent months we’ve heard a lot about flattening curves, social distancing, and the importance of sanitation and cleanliness. Push-to-talk two-way radios from Peak PTT can help with all these things and more.

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