Winter Weather Guide for Tow Truck Fleets

Winter weather can cause dangerous conditions for tow truck drivers. Icy roads, heavy snow, and low temperatures all make for a hazardous driving environment. In this guide, we’ll go over some steps to keep in mind this winter for your tow truck fleet.

Do a full tune-up on your trucks.

Check the dealer recommendations to make sure the viscosity of the oil is appropriate for the winter weather. Also, make sure that fluid levels are just right, filling it up too much or too little can cause problems. Flush your antifreeze and add a product that contains a cold weather additive. Lastly, check hoses, belts, and other rubber components for any damage, and replace them if necessary.

 Check the tires.

Switch to snow tires before the first snow. Waiting until the last minute could cause an unexpected snowstorm to result in dangerous conditions for drivers. Make sure to check the air pressure on all the tires and ensure that all vehicles are equipped with chains.

 Store trucks.

 If possible, store trucks in buildings, garages, or covered areas to keep them warm through the night. Even a couple of degrees difference can make starting the vehicle easier in the cold morning.

 Use the right cold weather fuel.

If you live in an area that regularly gets below 15F at night, use #1 diesel blend fuel. It may be less efficient but it won’t freeze as easily as #2. Also, keep your fuel tanks full at night.

 Check the heaters.

The last thing you want for your drivers is for them to find out on the road that their heater is busted. Not only does this make driving unpleasant for your employees, if the weather is cold enough or they get stuck on the road, but it can also be dangerous. Therefore, check all of your heaters to make sure they are in good working condition before temperatures drop.

Ensure drivers wear warm clothing.

On the same note, you’ll want to make sure that all drivers are equipped with winter weather clothing that is both reflective and rated for low temperatures. This will keep them safe and warm, especially when they’re stopped towing a vehicle.

Use push-to-talk two-way radios.

A great way to keep your drivers safe on the road is to outfit them with reliable communication devices like Peak PTT two-way radios. These radios will ensure that drivers can communicate to dispatch wherever they are, regardless of the conditions.

Also, if there is a medical emergency they can instantly send out a message or use the SOS button that will send out their exact location on the road so they can receive the help they need, as quickly as possible.