Why Towing Companies Love Peak PTT

Some towing companies struggle when it comes to communication. From areas where mobile phones cannot go to endless games of phone tag with drivers and traditional distance limitations with some two-way radio service providers, it can be quite the challenge to arrange for the solid communication businesses in this field need to operate more efficiently and profitably.

Peak PTT can help with that and so much more, which is why so many towing companies love Peak PTT two-way radios and services, and wonder how on earth they managed so long without us.

These are just a few reasons towing companies love what Peak PTT offers them.

  1. Easy hands-free compliance. Peak PTT offers a wide selection of radios including handheld and vehicle-mounted models that offer compliance with hands-free laws throughout the country. Because they require only a single button pressed to communicate, they are excellent choices for towing companies to use in their vehicles to encourage safer driving and communication. The Peak PTT-M94G Mobile LTE PoC Radio is a great example for towing businesses to consider.
  2. Dispatch software for greater control. Dispatching services are the life’s blood of most towing companies. The better your dispatch capabilities, the less money you spend on labor, fuel, and more. The K2 Windows PC Dispatch Software can help people get more mileage from their dispatch efforts. Plus, it allows you to work on business computers, laptops, and more to keep your drivers on the road, on the right routes, and away from dangers that may be lurking around the corner from your drivers.
  3. Because there’s an App for that. In addition to the dispatch software, portable two-way radios, and mobile units; users have the option to use Peak PTT apps, for iOS devices and Android phones, providing greater flexibility in your options for equipment and to meet a wider range of budgetary requirements.
  4. Extreme versatility. The bottom line is that Peak PTT offers the widest range of communication options for towing companies to use. With the dispatch software or one of our radios powering your communications, you can speak with individual drivers, specific driver teams, and even your entire organization with the push of a button. Communication doesn’t get easier than that.

Of course, the ultimate reason towing companies love Peak PTT is that we understand your business is uniquely yours. You have specific needs that no other business has – even other towing businesses. We will work with you to identify your unique needs and challenges and create a communication system that addresses those needs beautifully.

Call us at 855-600-6161 if you have any questions about our products and how our push-to-talk radios and services can benefit your towing company.

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