How Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC) Benefits Medical Services

Medical services providers come in many shapes and forms and push to talk (PTT) over cellular communications provides a wide range of benefits to all medical services professionals in the field, in hospitals, and on-the-go. This includes medical professionals such as:

  • Emergency dispatchers
  • EMT and emergency medical responders
  • Paramedics
  • Ambulance drivers
  • Healthcare administrators
  • Nurses
  • Home health workers
  • Traveling nurses
  • Hospital staff
  • Nursing home and retirement community staff
  • Hospital security
  • Organ transplant teams
  • Maintenance personnel
  • Medical technicians
  • Nurses aids
  • On-call physicians and nurses
  • And more

As you can see, the list of medical professionals who may benefit from the use of POC is long, but not nearly as long as the patients who may benefit.

These are just a few ways your organization can operate more efficiently with the use of POC technology through the use of push to talk two-way radios.

Real Time Communications

PTT allows you to communicate with a single person, a small group of people, or everyone on your contacts list to offer quick messages and instructions. The fact that contact can be initiated with the press of a single button makes it ideal for use in time-critical emergency situations.

GPS Location Tracking

The ability to locate the precise location of ambulances and other medical professionals in the field during a crisis means you can identify which team offers the swiftest response to emergencies in a matter of seconds.

Optimized Network Coverage

Thanks to the use of Wi-Fi and 4G LTE networks nationwide, you have lightning-fast coverage practically anywhere in the country. This means you can use your POC devices with confidence that key data and information aren’t lost or missed due to interference or drivers who may be out of range.

Instant Emergency or SOS Alerts

What happens when the rescuers need rescuing? With PTT over cellular, they have the ability to send out instant SOS notifications, so you can dispatch assistance to them and ensure that the people they were transporting or on their way to assist receive the assistance they require as well.

Allows for Status Reports in the Field

When you have people in the field you often need swift information or status reports, so you can determine the best allocation of your emergency response resources for new emergencies as they arise.

The decision to make the switch to push to talk over cellular for your medical services organizations may come down to a matter of dollars and cents. Contact Peak PTT today and let us discuss the extremely low startup and maintenance costs and other benefits of switching to POC for your organization. Call: 855-600-6161

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