What is SLA Uptime?

SLA, short for service level agreement, is important to consumers who purchase push-to-talk (PTT) equipment and radios — especially for customers who use their radios to manage critical information delivery, which, when you get down to it, includes every PTT user.

Your service level agreement operates like an insurance policy that provides you a “get out of your contract free” card if the promised service doesn’t live up to its promised service guarantees. It is especially important, when dealing with two-way radio services, that the SLA related to uptime is honored and carried out. Too many companies rely on their radios to provide lifesaving services along with critical relays of information. Unexpected and consistent downtimes not only disrupt the flow of information but can place the lives of the people on your crew at risk.

While many companies want to promise 100 percent uptime, that is essentially impossible. However, the Algolia blog explains SLA uptime quite succinctly. Since every millisecond of downtime would apply toward the downtime figures, a company cannot guarantee 100 percent uptime.

One minute per month of downtime, would result in 99.9977 percent uptime. That means a company advertising 99.999 percent uptime in their SLA agreement for uptime is promising less than one minute per month of downtime, which is a fairly impressive total for push to talk providers to make.

With this knowledge, you can understand how truly impressive the PTT-M54G Mobile LTE Radio truly happens to be. Not only does it operate ideally with small, medium, and large talk groups, but it also delivers 99.999 percent SLA uptime, offering a nearly perfect communication solution for organizations that rely on their abilities to communicate with people in the field, on the road, or on factory floors instantly at all times of the day or night. With less than one minute of downtime per month, guaranteed, the odds of your communications abilities being disrupted at critical moments are slim.

This type of uptime may seem necessary for anyone who is paying for a service. You expect it to work when you need it. It is critical, however, for people who use Push to Talk services in fields that rely on the availability of communications, like law enforcement, emergency services, utilities, and similar services. These are industries that place people in harm’s way to provide essential services for the community and Peak PTT can help you make sure you have the right service, equipment, and tools to ensure your vital  communications needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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