PTT Two-Way Radios for Plant Nurseries

From retail nurseries to wholesale nurseries that keep local businesses growing, there is one constant that all nursery businesses require: Communication. Mobile phone communication presents unique challenges to growers in the field and lacks the discretion and versatility push to talk two-way radios deliver day after day.

Your nursery employs a lot of people, including:

  • Growers
  • Retail sales staff
  • Harvesters
  • Botanists
  • Quality control specialists
  • Retail managers
  • Customer service specialists
  • Propagation workers
  • Nursery managers

Equipping each member of your staff with two-way radios ensures effective communication, provides quality assurance, and helps management stay informed about potential problems, pitfalls, and other challenges their employees face in the course of a day.

These are just some of the benefits your nursery business can enjoy by integrating PTT

radios into your communications framework.

Scalable Communication

Agricultural Marketing Resources Center reports consumer spending in excess of $29.1 billion on gardening products in 2011 alone with greenhouse and nursery crops accounting for the top five commodities grown in 27 U.S. States and the top ten in 42 states.

That being said, nursery businesses are largely seasonal with peak growing and/or retail seasons often requiring additional help to manage the increased production (harvests, planting, etc.) and sales volume at the appropriate times. Unlike mobile phones that often require one year or longer contracts, not to mention extensive startup costs, push to talk two-way radios are scalable to meet your needs during busy seasons without requiring a long-term commitment.

Durable Equipment

Two way radios are far hardier and more durable than the average mobile phone. Especially if you choose radios designed to work in the elements. Look for radios with higher IP water ratings. The water rating on your radio’s IP ratings will be the second digit in the sequence. The higher the second number, the greater the radio’s tolerance to water. The first number in the series indicates its protection against solid matter. Both of which are important for growers working in the field as well as people who work around dirt, potting soil, mulch, and other humans at the retail level as well.

Deliver Better Customer Service

Whether you’re the grower, the retailer, or a middleman that facilitates interactions between the two, you have people you’re accountable to serve. Providing outstanding customer service is easier than ever when you use PTT two-way radios to deliver your messages. It offers you the ability to communicate instantly with the people on your staff

who can make things happen so your customer is better served. Whether it’s searching for a lot plant starter a customer wants to take home for her garden or arranging for a flat of specific flowering trees to be delivered prior to a specific weekend two-way radios give you access to instant communication in the field (wherever those fields may be), in the store, or on the road.

Still not convinced about the benefits Push to talk radios represent for your nursery? Contact Peak PTT today to learn about all the ways you can use push to talk radios to “grow” your business literally and figuratively in and out of your usual seasons. Call us at


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