What is Push to Talk Over Cellular?

Push to talk over cellular technology, sometimes called PTT or PoC, allows people to use traditional mobile phones (or in our case, specially designed walkie talkie style radios) that mimic two-way radios with an unlimited range. This gives users instant access to a single user or an entire group of users to send critical safety alerts and instant communication.

It differs from the push-to-talk technology of years past in that it allows for instant communication with people across the country, rather than operating only in a limited range. This means that businesses and other organizations can coordinate communications with multiple people within the organization without concerns about miles between them.

How Can Peak PTT Help Your Organization Communicate More Effectively?

Not only does PoC technology allow members within your organization to communicate instantly with the press of a button, but it allows you to send emergency notifications, alert signals, and more to large groups of people.

It is far more effective than group text messages and Peak PTT technology offers exceptional sound quality even in the worst of conditions. This means that team members working:

  • On production floors
  • In noisy retail environments
  • To restore power in the heart of a thunderstorm

and more can send status alerts and emergency messages that are clear and easy to understand.

It also allows you to send one message instead of needing to send dozens and virtually eliminates the phone tag process so common when you have people working in the field.

Why Use Push to Talk Over Cellular for Your Business?

When making decisions that impact your business, it always comes down to what’s in it for you. Fortunately, Peak PTT has a lot to offer businesses, like yours, including:

  • Secure communication 24/7
  • Instantaneous communication with team members, crew, and personnel across the country.
  • Low startup and operating costs.
  • Easy dispatch from your personal computer with Peak dispatch software.
  • Improved productivity (less time wasted sending and retrieving text messages and voicemail message).
  • Versatile functionality.
  • Improved safety with SOS signal capabilities, instant emergency alert information, and real-time GPS location tracking.
  • Nationwide access via 4G LTE networks allows for users across the country to send and receive POC messages.

If communication is a factor in your business, and it is, then it is worth considering the potential value push to talk over cellular has to offer your business when it comes to efficiency, safety, security, and more effective communications for large groups and individual conversations.

Contact Peak PTT with any questions you may have about this next generation communication technology.  855-600-6161

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