Two-Way Radios for Park Rangers

PTT For Park Ranger

Park rangers have a lot of ground to cover in the important jobs you do. Communications in the field can be nearly impossible with traditional mobile phone services and even ordinary walkie talkies. Using Peak PTT push to talk two-way radios, though, offers all the benefits listed below, and more.

GPS Location Capabilities

While you may know exactly where you are, telling others how to find you to help with investigation services, recovering abandoned gear, or even for rendering aid to wounded individuals can be nearly impossible. With push to talk two-way radios, your dispatcher can locate your exact GPS location to render assistance quickly and ensure everyone is going to the right location.

Improved Safety When Working Alone

Many park rangers work alone on treacherous grounds. There are all kinds of accidents and injuries that can render you unable to walk out of the forest on your own and spotty cell phone coverage, not to mention the fragile nature of cell phones themselves, means that the ability to call for help is not always possible. With push to talk two-way radios, you will find plenty made of rugged designs sufficient to withstand a tumble or fall. Combine that with one touch emergency, SOS, or panic alerts, and you can call for help quickly when accidents and injuries occur.

Coordinate Patrol and Safety Efforts

Sometimes it is necessary to coordinate your efforts, as law enforcement officers, over a great deal of forest and woodlands. You need to be able to communicate effectively over these large distances so that you can be sure no ground is left uncovered in your investigation and search, and sometimes even search and rescue or recovery efforts. Push to talk two-way radios from Peak PTT have considerably longer ranges than the radios you’ve worked with in the past, allowing massively scaled coordinated search and safety efforts to continue unhindered by lack of communication.

Send Information, Data, and Images

One reason many park rangers have been reluctant to switch to two-way radios in the past has been out of concern that park rangers will be unable to gather important evidence or send information while on the go. These concerns were valid in the past, but today’s PTT two-way radios offer the capabilities to send images and text data even while out in the middle of the woods.

To learn more about our push to talk two radios and how they can help park rangers work together more efficiently in the field while improving safety overall, contact Peak PTT today. Call 855-600-6161.

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