Tips for Buying Accessories for Your PTT Two-Way Radio

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Some people believe that buying your two-way radio is the tough decision. Choosing the right accessories, though, can make a world of difference in how you use your radios and how effective they become for your organization. These tips will help you get the right accessories so that your push to talk, PTT, two-way radio does more for your business.

Is Discretion Essential?

Some accessories offer a subtler approach suitable for covert conversations and less overt communication. These types of accessories are ideal for many retail environments, security uses, and to allow inconspicuous conversations on the go. They include accessories like:

These accessories promote discrete conversations while ensuring other parties aren’t listening in on what you have to say to your team.

Are Your People on the Road Long Hours?

While long-life batteries and battery saving apps are great to extend the life of your batteries, teams that are on the road long hours each day may need a little more staying power. When this is the case, backup batteries, like the Extra Rechargeable Battery for use with PTT-84G for the K2 platform and the 12VDC Micro USB Cigarette Lighter Adapter for the K2 and Everest platforms might be essential accessories your team can’t afford to do without.

How Big is Your Team?

Larger teams might require additional charging capabilities. One base per radio is simply too cumbersome when large teams need to be able to quickly grab a radio and go. The PTT-84G 6-Way Multi-Charger can be a sensible solution for use with the K2 platform offering a charging solution for up to six PTT two-way radios.

The Everest platform can accommodate multiple options, including the PTT 584G Multi-charger which charges up to six radios at a time or the PTT 394 Multi-Charger which can charge up to eight radios simultaneously.

Is Your Team Exposed to the Elements?

If so, you might need the added benefit of a lapel mic that can withstand the elements as well, like the PTT-84G Waterproof and Noise Canceling Remote Speaker Mic for the K2 Push to Talk Platform.

Not sure which accessories will meet your needs best? Contact Peak PTT today at 855-600-6161 and learn about the wide range of accessories we have that offer functionality and performance unique to your needs.

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