Top 10 Benefits of Push to Talk Two Way Radios

Using push to talk two-way radios for business offers many surprising and unexpected benefits. The more you utilize these communications tools and the features they provide, the more benefits your organization will reap. These are the top 10 benefits of push to talk two-way radios, though there are certainly many more benefits to consider.

  1. Improved productivity from your mobile workforce. By eliminating, or greatly reducing things like app distractions and email overload, two-way radios clear a path to greater productivity and performance from your mobile workers.
  2. Low startup costs. Even cash strapped businesses can enjoy the benefit of more effective communications without breaking the budget to do so.
  3. Paperwork reduction. Because remote workers can send data, images, and voice communication via two-way radios, there is less paperwork involved than was necessary in days past.
  4. Fewer miscommunications. From phone tag and delayed receipt of messages to lost emails and delayed response times, miscommunications happen all the time with traditional communications methods. This is not the case with push to talk two-way radios that deliver instant notifications and allow for quick response or affirmations for received messages.
  5. Versatility in device options. Not everyone needs the same radio devices and equipment. Fortunately, there are push to talk two-way radios to meet almost every need. From sleek, lightweight models ideal for retail, nursing, and customer service needs to more rugged and durable radios with high IP rating for those who work in the elements or in fields where the radios may experience knocks, spills, or drops.
  6. Instant communications. Whether you want to talk to everyone in your organization (everyone who has a two-way radio, that is), a smaller, targeted group of people, or an individual person, push to talk two-way radios give you those options, with the press of a button. No dialing. No voice mails. No delays.
  7. Exceptional sound quality. Unlike other devices, digital two-way radios are equipped with features that enhance voice clarity while filtering out background noises. This means calls are clearer than ever.
  8. Extended battery life. Most modern two-way radio batteries can easily survive eight to ten hours of normal use – enough to last a standard shift for most workers without a recharge or battery change.
  9. Greater organizational efficiency. The ability to communicate instantly while eliminating phone tag or email uncertainty, in addition to the ability to communicate with everyone at once, means that you can accomplish more in less time, and with fewer mistakes. It’s an amazing tool for ensuring that everyone in your organization is on the same page for big and small projects alike.
  10. Increased collaboration among employees. Collaboration is how teams get things accomplished. However, it becomes increasingly difficult when there are delays in the communications process. Push to talk two-way radios eliminate the delays allowing for real-time collaboration and much faster consensus.

While using push to talk two-way radios can’t cure all business problems, it does eliminate almost every communications-based business problem. Contact Peak PTT today to learn more about our line of radios and accessories and how they can benefit your business. Call 855-600-6161.

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