Security Tips for Event Planners

Push To Talk For Party Planners

Planning events in the modern era offer a wide range of new and emerging risks we’ve never really considered before within the U.S. While there are always standard risks, like the risk of fire, weather-related risks, etc. Today, event planners need to have security plans in place to combat things like active shooters and even terrorism. These tips will help.

  1. Include safety and security as part of your planning process.

Work with local law enforcement for large events and consider private security for smaller events to create a security plan to follow for several contingencies, including preventing security breaches, designating escape routes, assigning responsibilities, and providing a clear chain of command for crisis management should the need arise.

  1. Choose your event venue carefully.

While there were once a few concerns about safety and security at most events, that is no longer the case and some venues provide better opportunities to create a secure environment for your guests than others. Take a walk around, with your security staff, before choosing the venue to identify obvious and less conspicuous security risks and be working on a plan for reducing those risks before you book your venue.

  1. Realize that human threats aren’t the only kind.

It’s one thing to plan for potential security threats from flesh and blood people, intent on doing harm. Unfortunately, those are not the only threats you need to protect your event attendees from. There are cyber threats and more to consider as well. Make sure have plans in place for all the following:

  • A venue sufficient to handle the number of people attending.
  • Verification that wiring and structures are up to code.
  • Clearly marked escape routes that are easy to identify.
  • A plan in place to protect the personal and financial information of event guests.

While these won’t prevent all manner of disasters, they help you and the people attending your event, plan for many of the likely offenders.

  1. Use Push to Talk Two-Way Radios

Push to talk radios allow security personnel to coordinate their efforts to ensure the safety of all who attend your events. They also allow others working your events to communicate efficiently with one another and to report suspicious activities to security with absolute discretion when equipped with appropriate accessories. This provides instant access to information when security breaches occur and allow for faster responses to prevent security breaches.

Peak PTT can help you find the perfect communications solutions for greater security at your next event. Contact us today to learn more push-to-talk two-way radios and the products and services we offer. Call us at 855-600-6161.

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