Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Wildfire Monitoring Crews

According to the National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI), May 2021 has seen 7,242 fires, which is the 8th most since the year 2000. These fires have burned a total of 223,298 acres.

Year after year, firefighters work feverishly to attempt to stop these fires on a consistent basis. But with what is thought to be climate change, we’re seeing more fires, and they’re starting earlier in the season, making this an even more challenging endeavor.

Our nation’s firefighters and others work tirelessly with little breaks to save family’s lives and homes, and businesses.  It’s crucial and vital that solid communication is there between the firefighters, first responders, and volunteer agencies. If they don’t communicate properly, then a fire can get more out of control than it already is. Push to talk two-way radios are relied upon in these crucial moments where minutes— and even seconds count.

Teamwork to Fight Wildfires

But, it isn’t just the firefighters that need to keep communication at the top of their priority list. There are many people who are involved in the fire fighting effort, including the below.

  • Wildland Firefighters: Engine Crews, Helitack Crews, Handcrews, Dozer Operators
  • Wildland Fire Modules: Hotshot Crews, Smokejumpers, Rapellers
  • Fuel Managements: Fuel Technicians, Fuel Specialists, Fire Analysts, Fire Ecologists
  • Aviation Crew: Retardant Bases, Aviation Leadership

And others, including:

  • Fire Prevention Specialists
  • Dispatchers
  • Incident Business Management
  • Fire Trainers
  • Warehouse Personnel
  • Fire Program Managers

So, it’s not just the men and women in the fire suits driving in the fire trucks or those out walking alongside the fires that need to communicate quickly and efficiently. All of these positions listed above play a crucial role in firefighting efforts.

Communicating Instantly and Efficiently to Fight Fires

There’s no challenging the significance of communication when a fire is spreading. Firefighter push-to-talk two way radio equipment keeps the whole crew (everyone listed above, plus more) working as a team to mitigate damage caused by these fires that cause so much trauma and devastation.

Two way radios are an incredible lifeline that intertwines the work between the firefighters, command, and other outside assistance when in the most critical situations. The safety of these firefighters and volunteer citizens depends on reliable, rugged, and functional communication radios that work in the harshest and most hostile of environments.

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