Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Vineyards

California wine country encompasses a fair amount of real estate ripe for grape growing, which is why you’ll find a fair amount of competition among area vineyards. What you may not realize is that using push to talk two-way radios from Peak PTT can help you get a leg up on your vineyard competition.

Here are just a few reasons your vineyard should consider adopting push to talk two-way radio communication.

Cellular Coverage May Be Unreliable

Complaints about cellular reception from even the most reliable of carriers are common in wine country, including well-traveled areas like Sonoma. It’s so much of a joke that many vineyards and wineries have taken to posting on social media that visitors should not rely on mobile carrier GPS to find their way because instructions are inaccurate, and reception is spotty. Push to talk two-way radios, though, do not require cellular signals to function.

Provides Effective Communication Over Distances

Whether you need to communicate with the members of your team handpicking grapes in the field or you need to communicate with someone in another building on the property, push to talk facilitates easy communication over distances with the simple press of a button. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Think of all the members of your team you communicate within an average day.

PTT makes those communications faster, simpler, and wastes far less time with endless games of phone tag and voicemail retrievals.

You can even use your PTT two-way radios to communicate with your entire organization to offer great early morning pep talks or to communicate important notices and announcements.

Ensure Amazing Guest Experiences

While the best vineyards are firmly devoted to creating spectacular bottles of wine, it is equally important to turn your attention toward creating amazing guest experiences. This creates new and incredibly loyal fans for your wines, after all.

Using push to talk two-way radios allows your staff to communicate behind the scenes to create those amazing guest experiences your visitors will remember for a lifetime. Plus, it will make them think of your vineyard every time they go to buy a bottle of wine.

The bottom line is that push to talk two-way radios facilitate improved communication for all vineyard staff members and that helps vineyards win greater customer loyalty, improves guest experiences, and increases sales for your entire organization.

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