Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for Tree Farms

Christmas tree farms are a small business in most areas, but the business itself may range between five acres to hundreds of acres, requiring numerous employees throughout the year to help check on the health of trees, monitor their growth rates, ensure proper planting rotations, and to support the business.

During the business holiday season, the number of employees can grow to accommodate the increased demand for your services. Throughout the year, using two-way radios or push to talk for tree nurseries can be a lifeline for your business that runs largely out of sight.

During the holidays, this communication capacity can be instrumental for communicating key details about specific trees, inventory levels, and potential problems to be aware of. These are just a few ways push to talk for small businesses can benefit your tree farm.

Monitor Location of Workers and Trees

This is especially useful during the “shaping” season when workers are whipping the trees you have into suitable Christmas trees. Since most trees grow as they are and have no concept of what it means to be a Christmas tree, they sometimes need a little help, which you gladly provide. However, you don’t want a tree to get missed or overlooked in the process. Push to talk radios equipped with GPS location tracking, can help ensure that no tree gets left behind in the shaping process.

Equip Customers Who Wish to Cut Their Own Trees

Ensure the safety of customers eager to find and cut their own perfect Christmas trees by equipping them with two-way radios to use on their search. That way, if an accident occurs, they are equipped to call for help and the GPS location capabilities of the radios provide precise GPS coordinates to send aid.

Map Planting Locations

Nearly 27 million live Christmas trees are sold each year in the United States alone. That means there is a constant need to replenish the supply of Christmas trees available. In other words, it means an active growing season for tree farmers. Whether you allow customers to cut their own trees or you cut trees and sell them to vendors throughout your region for resale, you need to keep solid records of new trees and the locations where you’ve planted them. Push to talk, equipped with GPS location tracking allows you to record precision location information for all your trees.

Regardless of the size of your nursery or tree farm, it’s a good idea to consider two-way radios for your tree farm to facilitate more effective communication, improve safety, and ensure your trees are in good shape throughout their growing seasons.

If you own or manage a tree farm, now is the time to improve your communication with Peak PTT two-way radios. Our K-2 PTT platform using the Peak PTT 4G Push To Talk Over Cellular Radios is ideal for small to medium businesses like yours. Order yours online today or call here at Peak PTT with any questions: 855-600-6161

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