Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Theater Production Company Touring

Whether you’re taking a Broadway show across the country or a community theater to new communities, getting your production on the road requires a lot of moving parts working together in perfect harmony. While it sounds simple, actually getting it work is a coordinated effort that requires outstanding communication to pull off.

Push to talk two-way radios for key personnel can keep your tour on target and make sure no important items are left behind, misplaced, or forgotten. Here are a few reasons you want to have PTT two-way radios to aid your communication while touring.

Allows Crystal Clear Communication Backstage

Anyone who has worked backstage for any length of time knows that it is a hub of activity from the hours and minutes leading up to curtains until well after the final curtain call.

At times, it can be incredibly noisy from the orchestral music, singing, dancing, and other noises to sets being changed, and more. Push to talk two-way radios filter out the background noise (especially when pairing them with noise-cancelling headsets) and enhance voice communication so important messages get through without missing a beat.

Provides Discrete Communication with Front of House

Because there are so many accessories that promote discrete communication while audiences are present, PTT two way radios provide instant access to communication between the front and back of house production crew to ensure no important communications are lost between the two departments.

Communicate with Various Departments in Set-Up and Tear Down Process

From sets and sound systems to costumes and prop pieces, there are tons of items that must get packed up and ready to move after each show. Push to talk two-way radios allow secure, encrypted communication within specific groups of people, individual members of the production staff, or the entire production at once.

Streamline the Final Walkthrough Process

Once all the gear has been packed and loaded onto trailers or buses, it is time to do final walkthroughs of each section of the theater (front of house and back of house). PTT radios ease communication within the two groups so that everyone is on the same page for the final walkthroughs and that no items are left behind.

Still not convinced that Push to Talk two-way radios are the right move for your theater production company while touring? Contact Peak PTT today by completing our online form or calling 855-600-6161  to learn about the many ways you can take your communications to the next level with our push to talk services, without interfering with your sensitive equipment and delicate sound setup.

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