Push to Talk Two-Way Radios for
Surveying Businesses

A land survey technician has many responsibilities. From making complex calculations to gathering and transmitting vital data and more, your land survey crew members operate out of sight and on the road for many hours of the day — which is why push to talk two-way radios for land surveyors are important for your business.

These are just some of the benefits you can gain by using push to talk two-way radios in your surveying business.

Crystal Clear Communication

One of the most important things you need to know about push to talk two-way radios is that today’s radios have built in tools to minimize background noises while enhancing voice communications. This means words aren’t lost in translation due to poor connections or bad signals as can happen with other methods of communication.

Instant Communication

When you have people in the field, you sometimes need to convey messages to one or all of them quickly and effectively.PTT cmmunication via two-way radios allows you to do exactly that with the push of one button. No delays. No dialing. It doesn’t get much faster than that.

Advanced Safety Features

Because your people are on the go in your line of work, it brings peace of mind to know that today’s push to talk radios are equipped with advanced safety features, like panic buttons, and the ability to download even more apps for safety. This means that if something happens to your people while they are out surveying in remote areas or crowded cities, they can call for help quickly and efficiently. Top it off with GPS location capabilities and help arrives promptly where they are needed most.

Transmit Voice and Data Communication

Not all the information your surveyors need to send is voice communication. Modern two-way radios also have capabilities to transmit images and text data. This provides greater versatility for your workers and gives you up-to-the-minute access to information that can be critical for your clients.

Available Accessories to Keep Communications Private

Surveyors work in public places for the most part. That doesn’t mean that their communications need to be public knowledge, however. There are many options available to facilitate discrete communication between you and your surveyors without people in the area knowing what is being said thanks to surveillance headsets, lapel microphones, earpieces, and more.

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