How Schools are Improving Security

Schools are making great strides to improve overall security on campus, ensuring the safety of the students, teachers, and other staff members. While in response to school shootings and other on-campus incidents, these measures are meant to be preventative in nature rather than reactive. They include the following, and more.

Controlling Access to Campus and Buildings

From locked fences and monitored doors on campus, 94 percent of schools report they now control access to school buildings during school hours. The obvious purpose is that it requires someone to allow people access to the buildings once the school day is in progress. The hope is that it will provide visual confirmation the individual in question is either known, has a specific purpose, and appears to be unarmed.

Using Security Cameras to Monitor Schools

Security cameras help to monitor the school hallways, corridors, and classrooms. They also can be used in combination with controlled access protocols for offices that aren’t located immediately adjacent to school entrances so staff can buzz people into the building when necessary, including parents picking up children, students arriving late for school, and various suppliers and vendors that visit campuses consistently.

Equipping Teachers and Staff with Two-Way Radios

Push to talk (PTT) two-way radios provide both preventative measures and reactive means for responding to school emergencies. Using PTT two-way radios for school security and communication, teachers and staff members can report suspicious people or behavior by students and rescue and response efforts during school emergencies can be coordinated using valuable intelligence teachers and staff members in the school can provide.

Random Dog Checks

These checks are ostensibly used to check for drugs on school campuses across the country. However, these dogs stiff out more than the occasional drugs that would be found in high schools throughout the country. They can also be used to detect some bomb components, ammunition, guns, and more. These can be highly useful for preventing events from taking place on campuses by checking for guns in lockers and on students.

Requiring Dress Codes and/or Uniforms

Additionally, some schools are requiring students to follow strict dress codes or wear uniforms as part of their security measures. It makes it easier to identify students as belonging to a particular school and in the right place if all students are dressed very similarly.

While no one likes the idea of metal detectors and random dog sniffs on campus to keep children safe, we all want our schools to be safe havens for children today. Get in touch with us here at Peak PTT to learn more about how our services and equipment can help improve safety on your school campuses. Email us at or call us at 855-600-6161.

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