Push to Talk Two Way Radios for Solar Farms

Solar energy is on the move throughout the U.S. with more families not only adopting this type of clean, sustainable energy for their homes, but also committing to farming it for the sake of their communities and the planet. What this means is that business is booming for solar farms with solar power now accounting for a little over two percent of the total electricity in the U.S. and the solar industry employing more than 260,000 Americans, as of 2016.

Unfortunately, this also presents new challenges when it comes to communicating effectively among solar farmers and your workers out in the field. Push to talk two way radios for renewable energy companies can ease those challenges making communications with workers in remote locations easier than ever before. These are just a few of the benefits PTT radios have to offer your solar farm.

Group or Private Communication Options

Push to talk allows absolute convenience, providing you with the opportunity to communicate with individual radio users or your entire group at once. Combine that with push to talk convenience and you eliminate endless rounds of phone tag, allow for instant replies and updates, and have access to emergency communication with the push of a single button.

GPS Location Capabilities

Additionally, PTT for solar farms provides you with the ability to locate individual team members or all team members at once through additional software. This aids in dispatching when emergency repairs are needed, instant location fixes when your men and women in the field face emergencies that require assistance and provides you with instant location updates, so you can be certain that all your people are where they’re supposed to be.

Even if team members are out of sight, you can still keep an eye on your people to keep them on task and on target.

Keep Installers and Parts Delivery Staff on the Same Page

It takes many moving parts working together to keep your solar farm operating as efficiently as possible. Sometimes it requires coordinating efforts to ensure the right equipment, panels, parts, and pieces are delivered to the appropriate areas of your farm for seamless installation.

Push to talk two way radios allow different members of your team to communicate effectively to ensure everything goes according to plan. They can even communicate when changes are adjustments become necessary so that one team can stay on task while the other seeks to make the necessary adjustments.

Peak PTT can answer all your push to talk two way radio questions and help you identify new and exciting ways to use your equipment to boost solar power company productivity and keep your people safer in the field. Contact us today to learn about PeakPTT two-way radios for solar farms. Call: 855-600-6161

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